Thursday, October 11, 2012


Welcome to my new blog. It will be here that I pour out my ideas and my heartfelt love for fabric, crafts, primitives, and old cranky characters in the stories I am creating. Keep in mind that all the characters will not be cranky and all the fabrics I play with will not be primitive but you get the idea.

My daughter and I share a love for making homespun decorating items for our homes that have that aged primitive look. I love the homespun checkered primitive fabrics or the ones with pinstripes that look aged. So many times here on the blog we will give ideas for decorating, show fun pictures of stuff we have made, and give recipes for home style healthy cooking that will make you smile.

We are also opening an online craft and fabric store with the hopes of offering primitive home crafted ideas and products. We are open to selling your handcrafted items on our site once we get it up and running. More on that later but feel free to email us with your ideas.

One of the products I love is a memory garland, and with Christmas just around the corner it might be something you are interested in creating. Memory garlands are composed of homespun fabric strips mixed with fabric strips from your loved one's favorite shirt, dress, or other piece of clothing.

We will be offering the pattern here soon for free and we will be selling kits for do it you self crafters that will include the homespun fabrics. All you will add are the fabric strips from the clothing item you hold close to your heart.

What better way to think about the ones you love who are no longer with you than to look up at the Christmas tree and see a swatch of garland? The memories that will bring are priceless.

But for now, Welcome again. We are so happy you stopped by. Our goal is to have the online store available by Nov 1 but I am letting God take the wheel with this one so His timing is not always my timing. Keep checking back to see the progress here at Primitive Spirit.

May God Bless each of you.