Friday, May 17, 2013

Goals for Primitive Spirit

Every new venture needs goals. Most of us are experts at making goals but not so much at finishing them. I want to make public the goals for Primitive Spirit in the hopes that it will make me more accountable to be successful with the goals for the shop so here they are. Feel free to chime in anytime with ideas about how to make these work.

1. Primitive Spirit will give back to the community.
        a. We will actively seek and find volunteers to make and donate quilts for kids so we can be actively part of the chapter of Quilts for Kids out of Lafayette. Becoming our own chapter would take more than I think we can do the first year of opening but is not out of the question in the future. For now, Goal 1-a is to be an active part of the Lafayette chapter.
        b. We will collect clean stuffing and scraps to stuff animal pads with to donate to the animal shelter in Brown County. The first two beds will be delivered Sat. May 18 by our first volunteer. More on this project to come.
        c, We will be part of the All People Quilt by American Patchwork and Quilting by making and donating pillowcases to children and adults who are ill, homeless, or otherwise in need of a fun, clean, homemade pillowcase. The first three are ready to give away, just waiting to complete 2 more. Customers who donate a pillowcase will receive 10% off any purchase in the shop.

2. We will be collecting customer recipes for a self-published cook book for our first year anniversary. The proceeds from the sale of the books will be sent to St Jude's Children's hospital or the National Children's Cancer Research center for help in finding cures for childhood cancer. That is not to lesson any of the other cancer research organizations out there doing a fantastic job but as a nurse I am well aware that research for children's cancer is very under funded and under recognized.

3 Finally, the bigger goal for Primitive Spirit is to have our own fabric line and patterns original and related to the unique village our shop is located in. I am clearly not sure what direction this will take but I have a variety of ideas for fabric, colors, etc that I would like to see produced and I am leaning towards a woodsy homespun feel for the patterns. I want to make them easy enough for beginners yet interesting enough for those who know the ropes about sewing and quilting.

Big goals? Maybe, but if we want to be a sustainable shop that keeps customers coming back for a unique experience then I think it can happen. What are your thoughts?

Saturday, May 4, 2013

What's New At Primitive Spirit?

So much is happening at the shop. New friends, new fabric, new ideas.....

I am working on finding what customers really want and need from a small quilt shop in a touristy town. I am finding many kits, many fat quarters, and pre-cut yards and half yards are going well.

We also have pillows, candles, wooden signs ( original and never the same ) , old shutters, pin cushions, tea bag holders for your purse, small quilt kits, and so much more  AND Warm and Natural batting... whoo hoo. It is my favorite.

And I can't wait for July when Moda has an absolutely awesome flannel grouping coming out with bears, moose, cabins, and all the woodsy feel of Brown County. It will make the perfect quilting gifts for Christmas.

Until then we have some Thimbleberries Christmas and some Marcus Brothers wonderful fall prints. Check back often to see what else we are doing for others. This is our goal.
  • to sew and donate padded fabric mats for cat and dog cages for the local animal shelter.
  • to create a group of volunteers to make quilts for kids ( we are part of a group in Lafayette the will donate them to Payton Manning Children's Hospital.
  • to make and donate pillowcases to hospitals, nursing homes, and the homeless shelters as part of America Patchwork and quilting's One Million Pillowcase project.
Want to be part of the shop's efforts, donate a quilt or pillowcase and receive 10 % off your purchase.

Until next time.... happy sewing and quilting and Happy Spring.