Monday, January 13, 2014

Big, and I mean Big Changes coming to Primitive Spirit.....

We are working on some Big Changes for Primitive Spirit... and you are going to love them especially if you visit Nashville.

Can you guess?

New Fabrics..... that is a definite

Block of the month..... most likely

Our own exclusive patterns, original to us and currently not sold anywhere else.... for sure

A possible Book deal all about quilting, wool, and the primitive life..... We are praying it will be so

But there is so much more..... but shhhhhhhh. Can't let you know just yet. Stay tuned and pass the word... Big ideas are a coming.


  1. Can't wait to get to your shop again. It was November last time I was through Nashville and stopped and bought fabric.

  2. Wow! Just found your blog, etc... on the internet. Can't wait for a trip to Nashville to check out your store! It looks like the kind of place I LOVE to shop! So looking forward to a trip to Nashville and Primitive Spirit!

  3. If you had an online store, us primitive people would find you online. Especially those of us not close to Nashville, IN.