Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Spring... Whoo hoo

Spring is almost here and I have meetings with fabric vendors all week to bring new fabrics and ideas into the shop. We will continue the website for now, but have taken the store link off mostly because it is time consuming to add products and customers were not using it either. It can be added back in the future if need be.

We have new and wonderful candles and tarts from The Hoosier Candle Company right here in Indiana. I think you will agree that they are about the best you can find for scent.

We have added more colors of hand dyed wool and I am working on getting kit samples done and added too. Customers have asked for more rug hooking supplies so hopefully by June those will be stocked too. It is amazing to me how long things can take to be shipped.

Nashville is beginning to a lot like spring so come to Brown County this season to enjoy all the beauty and maybe take a hike in the park or on our walking trails before coming into town to shop, eat, and enjoy. Can't wait to see you.

What is your project for spring?

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